4 Ways to Make Mornings Better (for anti-morning people)

If you, your siblings or your parents are anti-morning people, here are some solutions to improve mornings so that it’s a little easier to start the day and avoid the stressful rush out the door.

Wake Up to Your Favorite Upbeat Song

This can really boost your mood and get your heart rate going. You can set your iPhone to play a song, or get a radio clock.

music from phone

2. Sticky Note Checklist 

Hate forgetting stuff when you’re running late? Write a sticky note checklist at night.

dont forget sticky note

3. Drop Your Phone

Put your phone in your backpack. Don’t let yourself use it until you’re out the door. Sounds crazy, but how often do we get sucked into Instagram or YouTube then suddenly it’s 20 minutes later and we’re late?

phone in backpack

4. Manipulate Time

If your siblings are often late, trying changing the clocks so that they wake up a little earlier and don’t cause you to be late. It’s sneaky, but if telling them you’ve gotten them up earlier resulted in a pillow to the head, this is worth a shot. Just don’t go extreme like my cousin did and wake them up in the dead of night.

change clock





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