6 Dorm Room Essentials

Here are 6 items that will help you save space and prevent stress.

Click on the images to shop for these items online.

A Sturdy Space Saver for Your Closet

I have one of these IKEA gems and the velcro is super strong. Get the drawer too!

Organizer with 6 compartments from IKEA Cost: $6.99 (drawer is a few additional dollars)

IKEA $6.99 (drawer is a few extra dollars)

Handy Stain Removers

Definite Lifesavers!

Tide To Go sticks can be such a lifesaver when it comes to spills in the dining commons and on the go.
$5.50-$8.99 (multipack)

Ear Plugs…For Those Awkward/Annoying Roommate Moments

Headphones work too, but these are great backups.

A $5 Miracle Worker to Block Out Snoring...etc. :)

Downy Wrinkle Release:  No More Ironing, No More Odors!

$5.99 at Major Grocery Stores

Clean Water is a Must! Buy a Brita Water Filter

Prices range from $11-$22 available at major grocery stores

For the Joy Of Laundry: A Large Nylon Pop Open Hamper

I recommend the nylon kind vs. mesh because I found the mesh ones rip if they’re really full.

$12.59 at Target
$12.59 at Target

What Items Have Helped YOU? Please Comment Below!


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