When Your Dad Finds Your Birth Control

My dad found my birth control. He totally flipped out and threw it all away. Now he won’t even let my bf come over to say hi or anything. Do you have any advice on how to handle him? I’m just trying to be a responsible 17 yr old and I’ve been with my bf for almost 2 years.

First, get more birth control to avoid the scary Am I Pregnant?! Rollercoaster.

Being so responsible, you probably know the pill doesn’t protect against STDs. *cough* Use condoms too. *cough* Sorry, had to say that JIC.

Talk to your dad when you’re both calm. Acknowledge it’s probably hard for him to know you’re sexually active, but you’re responsible & in a committed, loving relationship (definitely assuming/hoping that’s true).

Set new rules about seeing your boyfriend to make your dad feel more comfortable, and to navigate through Dad Knows Land. It’s an awkward place but it helps to make a roadmap.


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