My Extreme Makeover

“If it takes more than a couple minutes I won’t read it.”

A teen I work with said that the other day. I remembered it when I was looking at my blog, trying to think of how I could give it a quick yet classy makeover.

My solution?

From now on all posts (stories highlighting inspiring teens, tips to help with the hard stuff, easy DIY crafts, and advice if you email me) will be 100 words or less.

Old Will Shakespeare said: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Time to put my wordiness to the test!

Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “My Extreme Makeover

      1. We did a lot of broadcast writing in school so that was very short and to the point. Stick to fragments that people will find useful! But also integrate your opinion since it’s your blog 🙂


  1. I took a technical writing class in college, and the instructor’s advice was to always go back over your writing and “cut cut cut”. If it doesn’t absolutely need to be there, cut it out. Tough advice for us wordy writers!

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