How To Get Over College Rejection

I didn’t get into the university I really wanted to go to and I’m still not over it. Not even close. I thought there might be a chance with the waitlist but then they said no on that too. Now that I’ve graduated it’s hitting me harder. I act fine about it with my friends and family and all that but honestly, I don’t really want to go to the university I’m going to in a couple months. I’m glad I get to move away from home but I hate the idea of going to this school that isn’t that well known, especially since I want to be successful in the business world some day. How do I wrap my brain around this and get over it for good? Any suggestions?

-Disappointed Guy

Dear Disappointed Guy,

I honestly don’t think waitlists should exist for this very reason. According to U.S. News & World Report, about 10 percent of applicants get waitlisted, and it gives many like you a false sense of hope, stretching out this intense process even more.

But now is the time to really zoom in on this university that you did get into because I’m sure it has more to offer than you originally thought. Sometimes we get so caught up in the name or prestige of one college that we forget the many aspects of college and college life. Try looking more into what your university offers in terms of:

  • Courses you’re interested in taking
  • Research or internship opportunities
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Athletic and/or artistic programs/clubs/activities
  • The variety of clubs and job opportunities on campus
  • What the surrounding community has to offer with events/activities that interest you
  • What students have to say about life there (reviews, forums, FB and Twitter accounts)
  • Successful people who attended that university

College is a multi-layered experience and it’s important to look at it from many different angles. Of course, you won’t really know if this university is the best fit for you until you’re there–and even then, give it a few months and try to get involved and connected to the campus. Sometimes even the most prestigious colleges don’t turn out to be what admitted students thought and they end up transferring or sticking it out even though they’re miserable.

The best thing you can do is dig deeper and keep an open mind. No matter what school anyone goes to, it’s all about what you make of it, academically and socially. Just look at Where Fortune 500 CEOs Went to College. Many went to lesser known schools for their undergrad and some for their graduate degrees and yet look at where they are. The name on their diplomas didn’t get them there, their efforts, determination, and how they viewed the college experience did.


What do YOU think?

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