6 Ways to Make This The Best Summer Ever

If you’re thinking Netflix binges and selfies in the sun aren’t enough this summer, here are some ways to make this THE summer to remember.

The Carefree Approach: Some say summer is all about living it up and laughing ’til your sides hurt.

1. Find Your Inner Kid: Who says you can’t have as much fun as you used to? Create a water slide on a hill near your house. Get glow sticks and play tag in the dark. Design a scavenger hunt with friends where you compete in teams, running around town taking pics of the best mullet you can find, a tattoo that has a person’s name in it, a pic of you asking for a random person’s autograph, etc. You’re bound to share some laughs doing something that isn’t the norm.

2. Do Random Acts of Kindness: Doing random nice things for people on a weekly basis is actually fun and makes for great stories. I know a girl who passed out flowers to people in front of a supermarket and had a blast getting funny looks and thank you’s from suddenly smiling strangers. Try helping out your neighbors, surprise a friend with a thoughtful card, or make time for a relative.

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen: Even if cooking isn’t your thing and you only know how to make toast, trying to cook with friends can be pretty hilarious and tasty. Watch how to make these really easy 3-ingredient Nutella brownies or check out this 3-minute video on how to make pizza in 30 minutes. If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, make some homemade ice cream..in a bag!

homemade ice cream

The Productive Approach: Others say summer is a chance to get that much closer to achieving your goals or figuring what the hell it is you want to do down the road.

1. Explore a Career by Job Shadowing: If you’re curious about a career now is the time to find out more. Think you want to be a chef or a nurse? Ask someone in that profession if you can shadow him/her for a couple of weeks at a time that’s convenient. If you don’t know anyone who does what interests you, try looking up someone in your area. Email him/her to find out more. Or, go in person and set up a meeting to ask some questions and see if a job shadowing is possible. It never hurts to ask and it’s a great way to go beyond what you can find out online.

2. Take a College Class: There are lots of cool college classes that make you look good for college while still holding your interest. Whether you take a class online or at a local community college, there are all kinds of courses like screenwriting, the history of rock & roll, sign language, understanding movie music, etc. Many programs have two summer sessions so it’s not too late to sign up.

3. Find a Unique Volunteer Opportunity: Check out what your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity is doing. Participate in your local Relay for Life event to raise money for cancer. Join a teen-led organization like Give Us The Floor. You can get experience as a blogger, social media curator, discussion leader, and more…and yes, that last one is a shameless plug for where I work. 🙂

GUTF teen crowd


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