5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts (For Those on a Budget)

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Still not sure what to do for your mom, stepmom, foster mom, grandmother, or motherly figure? Here are 5 last minute gift ideas for those who want to shower her with love but are tight on cash.

1. A Day at a Museum: Buy tickets for the two of you to go to that museum she’s always raving about. If she’s more of the art gallery type, go there instead. Bring a picnic lunch or stop for some ice cream to sweeten this memorable gift.

mother at museum

2. A Gardener’s Gift: Get some potted flowers that will definitely outlast a bouquet and tie a ribbon to add some flare. To get creative, buy a flower pot and paint it and then get some soil and transplant a flower or plant that’s already been started into the flower pot. Don’t forget to attach a card!

happy mothers day potted flowers

3. A Memorable Canvas Creation: Print a favorite photo with you and her or an old photo of you that you know she loves. Get a canvas, some mod podge, and black paint and create a beautiful photo on canvas that looks so classy. Here’s a quick video of how to make this easy but thoughtful gift!

4. Say it in Writing: Write a poem for her and put it in a frame. You could write about a memorable trip or a challenging time she helped you through. If you’re musically gifted, you could even write a song for her and perform it on Mother’s Day. If words aren’t your thing, find a poem by a famous poet she loves and frame that or choose one that reminds you of her.

mother poem

5. Treat Her Like a Queen: Make it a day to remember by starting off with breakfast in bed (eggs and toast are easy or fresh fruit and a toasted bagel), then surprise her with a thoughtful card and homemade cookies in the afternoon, followed by taking her out to a movie she’s been wanting to see. It’s a low budget day of gifts but it still says “this day is all about you.”

breakfast in bed for mom


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