Limitless Woman: Pro Cyclist, Entrepreneur, and World Traveler

What happens when a small town girl with an incredible amount of passion and dedication decides to ride? She becomes pro cyclist and world traveler Ally Stacher. But Ally’s achievements as an incredibly successful rider are only part of what make her such a remarkable person. Read on to find out what fuels and challenges this vivacious, limitless woman.

Ally’s Roles/Work/Hobbies:
  • Professional Cyclist- Ally rides for the US National Team and the fastest women’s team in the world, Team Specialized-lululemon. It is made up of 11 inspiring athletes from around the globe. (Click here to learn more.)
  • Personal Coach
  • Outdoor adventurer- Ally enjoys hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and hunting
  • Supporter of the non-profit Africa Healing Exchange
  • Lululemon Ambassador- These ambassadors are athletes and role models in Lululemon store communities who test their clothing to the max and give the company feedback.
  • Yoga Lover 
  • World Traveler- Ally has visited and raced in: Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Andorra, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and all over the United States and she grew up in a town of just 700 people (Etna, CA)!
  • Public Speaker
  • Entrepreneur- Ally is the creator and co-owner of Ally’s Bar a delicious health bar. The original bar is certified organic, gluten free, kosher and non-GMO.

Ally's Bar health bar

What are you currently doing or working towards that you would like to tell us about?

I’m a bit of a dreamer. I was told by a dear friend of mine “I like to dream big and make it happen.” Since hearing that strong, empowering statement, I’ve taken every opportunity and ran with it. I’ve also created more opportunities for myself. With that being said, I’m working on being one of the fastest women on two wheels. I love to race my bike. I’ve also recently launched my own health bar business because I want to inspire people to live an active, healthy lifestyle and to never limit themselves.

Who or what has inspired you to do all that you do?

I’ve had a few very influential women in my life that have helped me grow and continue to make me a better person. One of those people is my business partner Kristy Scrymegour. She’s an incredible woman and I wouldn’t be doing all that I’m doing if it wasn’t for her believing in me, challenging me, and pushing me. Also Ina Yoko-Teutenberg, a two-time Olympic medalist, taught me to thicken my skin when people are hard on you, to work hard and to never give up. I’ve had some incredible female mentors and I hope to become even half the women that they are.

What drives you to go beyond the norm and put so much time and effort into doing so many different things?

I come from a small town that I love dearly. I try to hold the State of Jefferson flag high. I also want to inspire people of all ages to take risks. Travel, start businesses, set goals and never look back. Life is a plethora of opportunities and sometimes you have to step outside of the norm to seize them.   

Ally Stacher cyclist
Ally at an individual time trial during a stage race in Boise, Idaho


What challenges have you faced in pursuing these different interests and goals, and how do you balance it all?

As a professional racer, I have faced numerous challenges–everything from having an eating disorder, to being told I wasn’t good enough, a head injury, broken bones, trying to help family and friends understand my racing/training, and more. Being a professional athlete isn’t a walk in the park. I have to give up a lot to keep my job. As I improve and as I get older in this sport, I have to deliver more and there is less room for error.
As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to realize everything is a process. Nothing great comes easy. I’ve had to deal with a lot of setbacks. Those challenges have taught me that getting upset or emotional won’t solve the problem. There is always a solution. Sometimes you just have to be creative and find a different way to do something.

What specific steps did you have to take to get to where you are today?

When I was a senior in high school we had to do a senior project. I choose endurance sports with an emphasis in cycling. I bought an old 1970’s road bike and jumped into a couple of races. I was also wrestling my senior year of high school and it seemed like cycling and wrestling would go hand in hand.

My first year of college I hung up my bike and went to Lassen College for collegiate wrestling. After a year of wrestling, I jumped into some more bike races. Shortly after, I was offered a small scholarship for cycling at a private college in the mountains of North Carolina.

After racing collegiately for two years, I was picked up by the US National Team. The next year I signed my first pro contract. The following year I signed with HTC-Highroad, the biggest mens/women’s team in the world. I’ve been with the same team since. It’s now only a women’s team and is currently called Specialized-Lululemon.

Becoming a professional athlete has also inspired me to eat a very clean and healthy diet. I started making my own health bars for training. After sharing with my friends and teammates, I started creating demand. With some positive push from my team owner and now current business partner Kristy Scrymegour, I took the next step and I started a health bar business.

Ally Stacher in magazine


Did you ever imagine doing things like this as a teenager? 

Never in my life did I ever imagine doing what I’m doing now, especially not when I was a teenager. I was a punk kid. I partied, stayed out way after my parents’ curfew, skipped class, and was always causing problems. I had such a low GPA in high school I barely passed. But I cleaned myself up, went to college, and kept setting goals for myself. Everything from my outlook on life, my confidence, my sense of style, and how I see the world and its day to day problems has all changed. I travel the world on such a regular basis that Europe and airport lounges have become my second home.

Is there anything you would tell your teen self if you could go back in time?

Be good to your parents and grandparents. They are only setting rules and guidelines because they love you and want the best for you.

Are there any other jobs, roles, or goals that you want to pursue in the future?

I want to be an Olympian and I want to inspire women of all ages to pursue their passions.


ally stacher portrait


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