Lesson 20: In leadership ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’

Whoever doubts that teens can be inspiring leaders right now (as opposed to when they’re older) needs to read this post.

V's Dom


So, you’ve read a couple of my posts in the last 20 days (or all of them – I appreciate your loyalty :-)) and thought to yourself: “At this rate, I’ll never be a leader, it’s just too hard, you have to be like superhuman or something”

Well, you’re right. A little bit.
You’re right in stating leadership is tough and requires you to live above average. But you’re wrong in stating that, ipso facto, it’s not for you.
Even kids/teens can be leaders, so no excuses for us then!

Here are 3 young leaders to inspire and challenge us:

1. Natalie Warne – Anonymous Extraordinary

At the age of 18, after watching the ‘Invisible Children’ documentary on child soldiers, Natalie was so moved that she became an activist for the cause and worked to bring awareness to a bill that would make America responsible to help combat the regime…

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