When Should Girls Start Wearing Makeup?

I just started 7th grade and my friends are all wearing makeup now. Should I start wearing it too? I don’t think my mom would let me but one of my friends does it in the bathroom at school and then washes it off before she goes home so her parents wont find out. I don’t really want to but my friends keep asking why I don’t and I just keep saying I don’t have money for it right now even though I probably have enough for some. But I can’t say that forever. What do I do? I don’t wanna be the only 7th grade girl out of my friends not wearing makeup when they all look so pretty.

-Too Plain

Dear Too Plain,

If you don’t want to start wearing makeup, don’t. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and recognizing that you have many different qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. Think about whatever it is you like about yourself as a person and your favorite physical traits. Everyone has different inner and outer aspects to appreciate and those qualities can’t be washed away like makeup can.

Makeup can be fun, and it can highlight features like your eyes, cheek bones, or lips, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty without it. It just means you or your friends might want to play up those features to make them stand out once in a while. Just because they want to do it doesn’t mean you have to. Tell them it’s not your style. If you’re the only one not wearing makeup out of your friends, then you’ll stand out as the fresh faced, all-natural beauty of the group.

It’s actually a current celebrity trend to prove how beautiful you are without makeup. Just look at these stars without makeup. After so much hype about how doctored up some celebs are with loads of makeup, airbrushing, etc., they’re taking action by showing what they really look like and being proud of their natural beauty.

I’m willing to bet your friend who is hiding it from her mom will probably get caught. I know my sister did when she used that same trick. (Mood lipstick in the 90’s was popular, but so hard to get off!) It’s best to have an honest talk about it because if a girl’s argument is that she’s old enough to wear makeup, then she should probably demonstrate that by being open about it rather than hiding it like a kid with a secret stash of candy. So if down the road you feel like you want to try wearing a little makeup for a special occasion or on a regular basis, ask your parents first. You might not want to bring this up, but compared to a sex talk, this will be a breeze! 🙂



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