MY LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION = Romance, Lava, Dreams and More!

I was just nominated for the Liebster Award by Yala. (Thanks, Yala!)

Rule 1: You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you

Rule 2: You must list 11 random/fun facts about yourself

Rule 3: You must pick 11 nominees

Rule 4: You cannot nominate the person who nominated you

Rule 5: You must let the person you’ve nominated know that they’ve been nominated


My Answers to Yala’s 11 Questions For Me:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?         


2. Why did you choose the place in question 1?      

I haven’t been there yet and have always wanted to visit!

3. What is your idea of the perfect day?                                                                          

Relaxing in the sun by the beach, spending time with all of my favorite people (which seems impossible because they live all over the world), eating all of my favorite foods, and exploring somewhere I’ve never been.

4. Think of one thing on your bucket list. What is it?                                                      

Attend the Olympics

5. If you could be any character in any book or movie which would you be?

I would be Supergirl. I’m not really a comics person, but there was a movie version of the Supergirl comic that I saw as a kid and she was also named Kara. I love the idea of being able to fly, kick butt, and be fearless like her. But, I wouldn’t go blonde because I like my coffee colored hair. 🙂

6. Can you tell your favorite joke?

I’m a sucker for any joke involving a good pun. I blame both my dad and my stepdad for being so punny.

7. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to because you feel too afraid?                                                                                                              

Until about a year ago, it was to pursue my dream of being a writer. But in June of 2013, I left my teaching job, started teaching online part-time, and I’ve written a novel and have started pitching it to literary agents. So I’d say I’m on my way to conquering my fear of failure and learning when to silence my inner critic for the sake of pushing myself to live my dream.

8. What do you wish to contribute to society/ what have you contributed to society?        

I hope to make an impact through my writing, through volunteer efforts, and through my work with teens. Empowering youth, learning from them and helping them learn is something that drives me, as does trying to connect with people through respect and compassion.

9. Think of the person who is closest to you. What makes you connect so well with this person?

Honesty, mutual respect, travel, creativity, curiosity, and humor.

10. Describe a time you felt really angry. Now that you’re out of that moment how do you feel about the situation?                                                                                                           

I was really angry when I heard about the lack of effort in helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So I joined a college group and fundraised my way to New Orleans to do relief work in the Ninth Ward. We went over spring break, about six months after the hurricane had hit. I wasn’t prepared for how bad the situation still was. I helped tear down houses, fed meals to the homeless, and worked with an amazing organization of volunteers who set up a job assistance tent and a “store” of clothing and supplies that were rationed out to people in need. It was a challenging and memorable experience that humbled me. I’m thankful that I acted on my anger by putting my (fundraised) money where my mouth was. It’s easy to complain. It’s harder to try to make change. But in the end, even if you only make a small dent of change, that work changes you.

Our Hurricane Katrina relief team (I'm 4th from the end with the crowbar in my hand.)
Our Hurricane Katrina relief team (I’m 4th from the end, holding the crowbar.)


11. What attracts you to your current partner or crush?

I met my boyfriend in 2010 on a plane heading from Honduras back to the U.S. We even had assigned seats so it was a lucky little twist of fate. From the moment he struck up a conversation with me, I was     (and still am) attracted to his charisma, intellect, humor, determination, and his bright blue eyes and killer smile. Yes, I admit that physical attraction is a part of it too. I’m also attracted to his passion for life, music, travel, and air traffic control (his job). I could go on, but I’ll spare you all the mushy details.


11 Random Fun Facts About Me:

1. I love trying really interesting foods: frog’s legs, cow brains, lamb’s stomach, alligator, etc.

2. One of my nicknames growing up was Kari Amber even though Amber isn’t my middle name.

3. When I was a toddler I got the chickenpox but I only got one pock mark. I still have a little scar from it above my eyebrow.

4. I love going to thrift stores and dressing up for fun, even as an adult. Luckily, I’m not the only  one. (See recent photo below. From left to right: one of my sisters, our mom, and silly me)

dress up time

5. Scary movies usually make me laugh or roll my eyes.

6. I have IDR Disorder: Instant Directional Recall Disorder. I can’t remember more than one step at a time when given directions–even if it’s somewhere I’ve been once or twice. Symptoms include directional amnesia, an acute feeling of disorientation, no natural sense of direction, and an addiction to Google Maps. This may or may not be a real disorder.

7. The smell of campfires always reminds me of my childhood.

8. Mango is my favorite fruit.

9. I’ve climbed an active volcano and stood by a river of lava.

Volcan Pacaya in Gautemala
My photo from Volcan Pacaya in Gautemala

10. I’ve had dreams about bread, bagels, and crepes on an almost weekly basis ever since I developed a bad allergy to gluten a few years ago.

11. I’d love it if I could somehow travel abroad to a new country every few months.


11 Questions For My Nominees:

  1. If you had to pick one type of dessert to reflect your personality what would it be?
  2. Why did you choose that dessert for #1?
  3. Would you rather visit a place that many people have raved about or a place that no one has ever visited?
  4. Why did you choose that response for #3?
  5. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
  6. Describe a time in which you made a mistake but learned from it.
  7. How do you think your birth order has shaped you (being the youngest, oldest, middle, or only child)?
  8. What song best expresses how you’re feeling today?
  9. How do you think technology will change in the future?
  10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  11. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

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