Should I Audition If…

There is an open call audition for Disney in LA this weekend. I really want to go but I’m nervous because there are going to be thousands of other individuals who want the same thing as I do. I’m wondering if I should go there and audition and spend all that money for gas. I really do want to showcase my talent but I’m scared I won’t stand out from other teens. What should I do?

-Unsure Actress

Dear Unsure Actress:

Anyone who auditions or takes a risk of any kind gets scared at some point, whether he/she shows it or not. I’m sure you are a unique individual, and if you feel strongly about going then listen to that inner voice rather than to your doubts and fears. Even if the worst case scenario occurs and you completely freeze up and get waved away, you’re going to gain valuable practice in auditioning on a professional level and in battling your nerves. That alone is a lesson well learned and the experience will help you grow and improve.

Remind yourself that you have a lot to offer. Yes, there are many other talented, beautiful, interesting people out there, but knowing that should motivate you even more to show them what you bring to the table in terms of your work ethic, skill set, passion, personality, and background.

If you do decide to go, don’t put on a show by altering yourself in any way. You are perfectly original as is. Just remind yourself of that and try to be as calm and confident as possible.

If you can afford to go, why not try? Still feeling unsure? Click here for 60 seconds of inspiration, courtesy of Jim Carrey. 



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