Teens Say It’s Better Than Facebook!

Funny, clever video from The Onion


2 thoughts on “Teens Say It’s Better Than Facebook!

    1. Hi Starr,
      Thanks for asking. I’ve heard teenage students of mine talking about them as fun and entertaining, but I think they cross the line. I’ve also had a few students talk about how they’ve been bullied on those sites, and I hate the culture that has sprung out of those instances–thinking it’s “cool” to participate in slandering someone. I also don’t understand why some teens feel the need to base a piece of their self worth on how they are perceived and received online. I suppose adults can be included in this too, since there are definitely cases of adults showing a “perfect” version of themselves and their lives through social media. It’s crazy what technology can be twisted into if we fall to far down the rabbit hole.

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